Kingston Introduces Two- and Four- Gigabyte CompactFlash cards

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Jan 16, 2002
Kingston Introduces Two- and Four- Gigabyte CompactFlash Cards

CompactFlash Product Line Expands to Provide Faster, Higher Capacity Media Storage for Advanced Amateur and Professional Photographers.

Fountain Valley, CA – September 20, 2004,
-- Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the world’s leading independent memory manufacturer, today announced the immediate availability of 2-GB and 4-GB CompactFlash® Elite Pro™ cards featuring the latest in high-density Flash components to optimize performance and storage capabilities.

As technological advancements produce more sophisticated digital devices, demand for higher-performing CompactFlash is continuing to grow. “Expanding our Elite Pro line to include the 2-GB and 4-GB CompactFlash Elite Pro cards is essential to support imaging professionals with the best digital storage for their high-end cameras and devices,” said Scott Chen, VP of Asia Business Division, Kingston.

The new 2-GB and 4-GB CompactFlash Elite Pro cards provide a low-price-per-megabyte solution of reliable, high-speed media. With ultra-fast transfer rates, users will enjoy more efficient workflow than ever before. The 2-GB cards work in virtually any digital device. The new 2-GB CF cards work in just about any digital device but advancements in technology may prevent some cameras, MP3 players, PDAs or other digital devices from fully utilizing the 4-GB CF cards.

The new 2-GB and 4-GB CF cards enhance performance of power-hungry imaging applications used by both advanced amateur and professional photographers. When used in conjunction with matching high-performance digital devices, Kingston’s CF Elite Pro cards provide ultra-fast transfer times with read speeds up to 10 MB/sec. and write speeds up to 8 MB/sec.

Product Highlights:
Standardized: Complies with CompactFlash Association specification and standards.
Fast: Supports data transfer rates up to 10 MB/sec. read and 8 MB/sec. write.
Small: One-third the size of a traditional PC Card.
Easy to use: Plug and play.
Versatile: Use with available PC Card Type II adapter for quick and easy data transfer.
Economical: Autosleep mode preserves system battery life.
Dual Voltage: 3.3 V and 5.0 V dual voltage support.
Compatible: Supports Macintosh OS and Windows applications 98 and above.
Guaranteed: Lifetime warranty

All Kingston CompactFlash products come with a lifetime warranty and free technical support. For more information on Kingston’s complete Digital Media product line, visit the Kingston Web site at

About Kingston Technology Company, Inc.
Kingston Technology Company, Inc., is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of memory products. Kingston operates manufacturing facilities in Malaysia, Taiwan, China and Fountain Valley, Calif., including Payton Technology Corp., Kingston’s back-end processing facility supporting memory packaging, test and logistics. With the advent of Payton, Kingston supports all memory processing functions from receipt of wafer to completed module. Kingston serves a network of distributors, OEMs, and retail customers in more than 3,000 locations worldwide. For more information on Kingston, please visit

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