Kids playing near the water at Pierce

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While I was waiting for sunset, I noticed these kids playing along the water catching crabs at Pierce reservoir. Somehow I liked their concentration and decided to shoot. Your CnC pls.

Thanks for your kind CnC.


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Nov 3, 2004
Aiyoh, poor girl girl's face was covered... Sigh... Lower ur position if possible...
Too much background, frame lower n more to e right will b better, , take note their direction of sight...

a humble advice here... eyes are very important features to be captured in an image, be it animals or human beings. a face without a pairs of eyes is a well as a face without expression. thats why when they need to censor a person's picture all they need is mosaic the eyes. sorry for being long winded. :(

as being mentioned by rexlim, u might wanna lower down your angle to capture their expression in the frame. hope it helps~

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