Kenya Trip.

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Hi All,

i'll be travelling to africa in a couple of weeks & would like to ask for advice on how to maintain & store my equipment..advice on whether i shld bring 2 bodies or just 1,namely my 400d & 50d..&r there anything i should be looking out for, just in case..lastly whether will i be questioned if i bring too many lenses at e customs..

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Oct 16, 2003
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I have not yet travel to Africa but based on my experiences in travelling overseas, i don't think you will be questioned by bringing too many lenses, unless if it's brand new and in boxes, then maybe for tax reason, they may question you.

For camera bodies, 2 bodies will be good. If you can, put a long tele on 1 and maybe a 18-200 on the other so you won't miss any action. A monopod will also be very useful for taking wildilife on safari based on what i read as you will unlikely be able to use tripod due to lack of space/time. A monopod will help to stablise your camera especially if you are using a long tele lens.

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