keeping my DSLR safe while I'm here

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May 20, 2006
Hi, I bought my digital SLR two months ago and I used it several times. I have not clean its sensor and lens since then. I kept it inside my closet when not in use, the lens is still attached to the body and covered with cap.

I am a newbie to dSLR so I am not planning to buy lenses in the coming months. I know later I will buy one once I had enough time to explore my field of interests.

Well I have a few questions,
1. Do you know where can I buy a portable drybox that costs $19.90? I read this info somewhere in the forum.
2. I am staying in S'gapore for another 2 mos, can I temporarily use portable drybox to keep my dSLR safe? Or should I go with the ziploc bag with a packet of silica gel? I don't want to buy a drybox for now so I am considering a temporary but safe storage.
3. If I am not going to use the camera for several days or weeks, should I remove the lens from the body?
4. Is it possible that for two months I had stored it in my closet (when not in use) that a mould or fungus started growing in my lens and viewfinder without noticing it physically?

Thanks, hope I can get replies from you guys.

well i think you should get a dry box/cabinet asap. no one can gurantee when the mould or fungus gonna start invading, and humidity varies at different areas. i got my drybox at MS Colour at S$23 bucks, i'm quite there's cheaper deal.


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Jun 23, 2005
Melbourne, Australia
Well I know this sounds silly, but do remember to put silica gel or a Thirsty Hippo (it's camera-friendliness is still being heavily debated) into your dry box together with your camera when you do get one. Putting the camera straight into an air-tight box without any dessicant inside is potentially harmful because the air is still moist, in addition to being completely still. It makes a great breeding ground for fungus.

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