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Jan 19, 2002
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Hi folks!

This is a quick look at my Kata Insideout 200 UL. So I went looking for a bag for an upcoming trip. Besides the usual "it has to fit all my gear" requirement, I was looking for a bag which is lightweight and with room for other personal items. Saw the Insideout 200 UL and initial impression was that it has a nice elongated shape which is not too bulky. Its airplane carry-on friendly. For the size, its a very lightweight bag. 4 expandable compartments are stitched onto the front cover. This front cover can be detached and flipped backwards to conceal these 4 compartments when you don't need them. Hence, the name Insideout. I thought the idea was pretty neat. 3 other side pockets can be accessed from outside the bag. 2 fasteners are provided to secure things like poncho, etc.

Inside the bag, 2 padded pouches were included for camera and lenses. These can carry a pro DSLR body without battery grip and 3 to 4 lenses (depending on size). I thought these pouches are a little small but I soon found out that they will fit in just about when I am able to carry without having too much stress on the back. I'm turning 38 soon you see :) There is also an internal compartment for a small laptop or a tablet. My 15" MacBook wouldn't fit but no biggie since I don't intend to travel with it. The pouches and compartments are lined with signature Kata yellow material so black photographic parts will be easily visible.

In all, here's the list of items I can fit into the bag:

1) D800E body
2) PCE-24mm lens or an 18mm f/3.5 lens
3) 24-70mm f/2.8 lens
4) C1 cube geared head (This is too heavy and bulky to be carried around with the tripod so it usually go into the bag)
5) Super clamp
6) Ipad
7) Photographic accessories e.g. bubble leveller, cable release, extra battery, etc.
8) Charging cables for camera and Ipad.
9) 4 t-shirts.
10) 3 pairs of bermudas.
11) Toiletries and such.

These are stuff which I pack for a 3 to 4 day short trip. With all these packed, the weight of the bag is still manageable. Unlike some of the other Kata bags, the shoulder straps are well spaced out and comfortable. Waist strap (removable) is also provided. I'm pretty happy with this bag and I think its perfect for short getaways. Can even use it as a day pack. I would resommend it.


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