[ Kaishi Click] Meetup #1: For New Nikon DSLR Users

Jan 3, 2006
What is this meetup about?
開始 (Kaishi) means start in English. I hope to help you get started on your photography journey.
This is a sharing session. I will explain some basic concepts. Then you will put the new knowledge into practice.

Who should attend?
If you are a new Nikon user and concepts such as aperture and rule of third sounds new to you, you may want to attend.
You may want to check out the section. "What will we be doing that day?"

If you have been shooting for sometime, this meetup is not for you.

What is it only for Nikon DSLR users?
I use a Nikon DSLR. And I want to start with something that I am familiar with.
In the future, I may include camera users of other brands.

Why is the meetup only for 5 person?
For a start, I would like to keep the group small. The meetup will still continue even if there is only one person coming.

What is the cost?

What do you need to bring?
1. Nikon DSLR with Lens
2. Umbrella (in case of wet weather)
3. Water
4. Some money to buy a drink at the place that we are meeting

How do I sign up?
If you confirm that you can make it that day, please
1. send me a private message with your name and contact number
2. leave your ClubSnap nick under the section "Participants"

What will we be doing that day?
Rough guide:
- Self-introduction
- Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO
- Camera modes P, S, A, M
- Rule of Third
- Walk around, practising Rule of Third (Will be cancelled if it rains)
- Review the photos

=== Meetup Details ===
Date: 23 Feb 2013
Time: 3pm (Expected to end before 6pm)
Place: City Hall area (exact location will be confirmed via SMS)

=== Participants ===
1. cjvictory
2. travisjds
3. Mralan

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Nov 22, 2010
Yew Tee
do u teach about film photography? Im using a nikon film camera and hope to learn from some experience old bird

Jan 3, 2006
cjvictory and travisjds, I have sent you my number via PM :)

canonmono, I have saw your photos in your Flickr. And I like some of the photos.
Anyway, I have little experience with film. If you have questions regarding your Nikon film camera, please feel free to post in the Nikon sub-forum.
I believe there are people who are able to assist you.

Jan 3, 2006
Wat lens do we need to bring?
Any lens is fine. After all, it is shooting with what you have.

If you have a few lens and you are not sure which to bring, see if you have one of the following:
(1) 18-55mm
(2) 18-105mm
(3) 35mm
(4) 50mm

If you do not have any of the stated, that's fine too :)
Just make sure that you have a lens and your DSLR.

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