JYC and Nicna Filters? (Stuff you see on ebay)

Jan 31, 2010
Hello all,

Recently when looking around to stock up some accessories on a bad budget, I came across this amazing thing called ebay (I'm a bit wols lol).

Mostly items there are cheap and reasonable, and I came across this JYC UV MC filter and Nicna UV MC filter.

The suspicious part of these filters is they HAD to copy B + W / Hoya's "Pro 1D, MRC, Digital Pro" and terms like that -.-". Obviously they aren't original, but has anyone tried these filters before? Are they reasonably good? (I do not expect them to be anywhere near B + W's standard, but at least are they useable?)

Just wondering if anyone tried them before :sweatsm:


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May 14, 2009
For filters, either you get good ones or u dont use them at all.

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