joshua tree

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Mar 30, 2003
-- THe Blue sky is appealing . like most blue sky ..

The rocky hill and the tree lack contrast ..
Is a nice tree .

Pardon me but off topic it remind me of the mexican catus
( that one which show a middle finger pointing catus )

ok back to Joshua ... Tree..

I am not sure if it a song or a movie title.. i once saw.. is show a joshua tree .. it show the strong tree - emotinally sad feeling .. maybe that had been locked into my mind .. and i alway relate it with other joshua i saw...

-- it just look normal .. to me .. i wanted to give you credit for the blue sky .. but then again is so common .

-- Photography .. is a process of evolution .. if you are just taking another shot .. you will stop at this time capsule which will trap you from improve .

i appluse the effort .keep it up

osix uvlux

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