Join multiple avchd files together without re-rendering

May 25, 2011
I got Panasonic SD900 and directly copy the filese from the camcorder to my media server (TVIX HD 6500A). I am pretty satisfied with the TVIX, as I can store all my videos and pictures, and have access to all my home movies and digital pictures on our TV. However, I play back the AVCHD files, there is a pause between each clip. What I want to do is join the clips without having to re-encode, and quickly get the clips ready for continuous playback. I notice some programs provides transocding, but it takes many many hours.

I tried tsmuxer to join 2 mts files together, and the output file works on my PC perfectly. But when I play the file on the server, it stutters. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I would like to successfully join multiple avchd files together without re-rendering.

Aug 25, 2009
HD writer is only good at transfering files from camcorder to pc, for editing or joing files, it acts like a ****. If you want to merge 1080p mts from Panasonic SD900 camcorder, you can consider to use a professional mts joiner-Final Mate for mac, which is one of rare products on market that is capable of merging AVCHD videos without any conversion or re-encoding, which can preserve your original quality and enable you to enjoy your high definition memories on HDTV via TVIX HD 6500A.

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