John Clang and Leslie Kee issues

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May 27, 2002
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Are we grateful and pleased to have two young photographers such as
John Clang and Leslie Kee making it well in the world of fashion photography?

John is currently the hottest fashion photograher in New York and yet when he seek to base himself in NY in 1999 it was not well received by the local authority.

Leslie on the other hand got a shock when his book of some super movie stars was banned in his own country.

My question is whether this is really a slap in the face for the art scene or is it the norm to the fact that the censorship board is just doing what they had to do without realising the outcome of their decision?

The happening was also in the Forum page of the Straits Times December 19, 2006 where Gilbert Cheah wrote to ask “how does this fit in with the proclamations of openness, and plans to make Singapore a truly global, world-class city?

Leslie Kee

John Clang

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A salute to these two talented photographers
and may they continue to prosper with their
creativity to showcase what our small little
intelligent island can or cannot do in the
world of artistic expression. :)

Aug 16, 2005
Put it this way.. slapping them and sending the overseas might be a blessing in disguise for them. They wont have the kind of market in Singapore to grow to what they are now.

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