IXUS 330... Nice

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Hi all,

I'm new here!! really new! first post!!

I've been scouting around for a camera and been doin my homework!! I have come to conclude that i would like to get the Canon IXUS 330 for my first Digicam! I went to Canon's showroom to try out the cam.. got to say i am really impressed!!

So far been scouting around to see where i can get the best price/deals... well, most places quote around 720 (including CP).. Harvey Norman 799, throwing in a 32Mb flash card.
CHeapest i have seen so far is at John 3:16 at funan (3rd or 4th level i think) 710...

is there going to be a promotion for a new model? think the Ixus 330 been out for a month liao... Nikon 2500 recently had promo leh... new model too...

Thanks.. anyone interested in 330 too?? buy together maybe we can get some more discounts??;p

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