IVP Track and Field 06 (Warning: Image intensive)

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Dec 25, 2003
Bukit Timah
My humble shots from the Institute-Varsity-Polytechnic (IVP) Track and Field Meet 06 (Day 3). Was doing coverage on behalf of NUS SRC via NUSSU VPC. It's my first attempt at shooting track and field. The weather got quite bad half-way through with overcast skies and several sudden showers. Constructive criticisms and comments would be greatly appreciated.

Some tech info: All shots taken on a 20D (most) or 300D with either a 17-40L, 70-200L IS or Sigma 50-500mm.

I like her smile. :D

The guy in blue looks so shocked because the female athlete is collecting the medal on behalf of her male teammate.

More at: http://www.sgl.per.sg/users/denosha/gallery/IVPTnF06
My IVP Swimming Meet 06 shots: http://forums.clubsnap.org/showthread.php?t=174007

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