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It's about the equipment - Stupid

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Sep 8, 2004
near the Equator
Yes, D3 indeed, with the latest ammo dump of lenses to complement this machine gunner.

Airforce (which I think personally should be using the D3 instead due to the unpredictability of shooting fast moving airplanes and hence the need for the high frame rate), is using a 3FPS D70 instead. Amazing huh?
Well, at the Airshow, the ADA bunch were hefting 1DMk3s.:bsmilie:


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Apr 8, 2007
Well, at the Airshow, the ADA bunch were hefting 1DMk3s.:bsmilie:
Probably their own equipment.

I was there on the trade days shooting in an official capacity, didn't notice any ADA with 1dMk3s. (Oh btw, I used the D80 for the event :bsmilie:)


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Feb 24, 2005
i remember reading a story in one of those UK photo mags about a prielli calendar shoot. the photographer, i can't remember his name, was paid some huge sum to shoot the images for the calendar for a particular year (i think it was early 00's or there abouts).
did some surfing. is it bruce weber?
well, why does anyone need 40 assistants?
trying to show how important he is?

i have seen one such (with a modest 1 assistant only)
already I find it too acsi.
as though the photog was such a great artist.
just aim and press and assistant reload film and change cams fo him.
it is just a big show.

do these swollen headed photogs need some assistant to clean him with toilet paper when he relieves himself?


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This section of the forum as the title has stated is "ClubSNAP Photography Forums > General Discussions > General, Reviews, Tech Talk >"

I am closing this thread as there will never be any conclusion and more importantly it is degenerating to a kopitiam talk.

Thread close

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