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Apr 2, 2004
Hi all,

It's been great conducting It's a wrap.. I'm about to be conducting yet another class starting in early Jan and counting for 8 consecutive weeks.

Course contents includes briefly like this..

1: Feel & touches of people photography, Why People Photography, who's suited, who's not?
2: Lighting techniques vs outdoors lightings
3: Stylist assisted shoot vs self assisted wardrobe in a commercial shoot
4: Quality vs Quantity photography
5: Planning for Photography Portfolio
6: The route, making money out of end consumers, or commercial ad agency
7: Finding a creative team that works for you
8: Job: Talents or models?
9: Equipment - Needs and wants, what you really need
10: Different ways to sell your photography
11: 4 Group test shoot

Roughly, above are the topics. As I prepare the finer details to the course structure and notes. I'll roll this course off if I get enough participants though.. That's a total of 8 sessions. Course fee will be SGD 800.00 per person... Only to the maximum of 10 pax.

This course is targetted at people who's got sick of their day jobs, and would like to think that photography would be the next advancement route... It also would help those who're into finer details of photography and not wanting to advance into this trade, but would like to be professional but still a weekend shooter... I have had beginners before in this class who has benefited too. but of course the beginners did more reading up and double up with assignments and more homework.. To those who's enquiring about whether you can start this class as a beginner, I would say yes, but just a fair bit of opening up your vision than you thought you had...

Many asked me if this course would have been a conflict to what I'm currently doing. I think not, simply because the trade of people photography relies on many elements, PR, professional on photography, a strong sense of leadership... Get one wrong, and everything screws... This course teaches, but everybody's route is different...

So I'm asking, take some time, think about this course, and let the names roll... I did adjust the price up to cover my running cost, I'm sure if you use your calculator and calculate the payouts, you would know what I've left is mediocre, just wanna do it good for those really serious enthusiast.. Some of you miss out the earlier course, see if you can make this one...

For those who need to know what I've been doing, pls refer to this thread:

It's a Wrap 3 starts on 20 Jan. and ends on 17 Feb. 9 weeks in all:

3 Jan - Theory from 2000hrs - 2200 hrs
10 Jan - Theory from 2000hrs - 2200 hrs
17 Jan - Theory from 2000hrs - 2200 hrs
24 Jan - Shoot from 1830hrs - 2200 hrs
27 Jan - Shoot from 0800hrs - 1500 hrs
3 Feb - Debrief from 2000hrs - 2200hrs
10 Feb - Shoot from 0800hrs - 1500 hrs
17 Feb - Shoot from 0800hrs - 1500 hrs
24 Feb - Bonus Artistic Nude shoot from 0800 - 1500hrs

Do put your nick in if there's anymore keen ones.


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