It’s a totally different ball game to shoot for fund.

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How much to charge? Where? How? When? What? If you have to ask these in a biz forum, at least do a bit of homework.
Many seasoned players are very generous with their contributions, less been accused of discouraging new competitors into a crowd market.

Imagine, advising competitors? Nevertheless, ideas and info are free, hard work is on you. Must read these 3 threads first! Before posting similar questions and before taking the plunge. All the practical advices and issues are there, very well covered.

1) Thinking of earning from photography?
2) Event Photography Guide
3) About Wedding Photographers Association (Singapore)

Photography is a great hobby, it’s also expensive with the various gears. It would be a great idea to recover some costs or make some extras for upgrades, but this should not be an incentive in itself. Most of the part time photogs start with a low price or free to start with, and usually from families, friends and fools. How & what to charge after the “initial offer”?

It’s great to shoot for fun, it’s a totally different ball game to shoot for fund. You would need a game plan, the responsibilities, qualities, costs, etc., a very long list…..
If you really want to do it for fund, just read the 3 sticky above and think again.

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