Isit 300D or my Sigma 500 DG Super Flash?

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Hi All,

I've recently found a problem when i'm using my sigmal flash.

Many times when i tilt my flash to the 60 or 75 degree position, my flash doesnt fire off even when the red LED is on (the red LED that lights up when the flash is ready to fire off again). I have to 'On', then 'Off' the flash to make it work again. The flash works better in 45degree position but it does has its fair share of failure.

i tried to do some simple cleaning on the contacts between the camera and flash but problem still prevails.

Has anyone faced the same problem before? Does the problem lies with flash or camera?

PS: Please note that the problem occur when my flash is in ETTL mode and my camera is in TV mode.



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Apr 25, 2003
Pasir Ris
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The flash has slid off the hotshoe just a wee bit when you tilt it backwards - in the 45 or straight flash position, the CG of the flash is more to the front hence it is less likely to happen. Push it back and you are ok - which is what you do when you turn off and on again.

Or it could be the flash as you said

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