Is web hosting useful for my photos?

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Nov 10, 2007
Hi CS members,

Like to hear from your advices about web hosting. I already uploaded some portraits into Flickr but checked some rules whether allows some nude portraits or not. I was not clear that these rules do not mention. Realised it was my mistakes for uploading them into Flickr.

From what I noticed, some CS members applied for web hosting and created their own webpages for uploading their photos into them and showing to public. :think:

Please advise if it is useful to apply for web hosting so I can have no problem uploading my photos into my own domain. :think: Thank you


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Apr 23, 2008

You have to check with your hosting provider to make sure their term of services allow nudity. I run a small hosting company we don't allow pronography. If these are artistic shots, i think maybe we can close 1 eye and still allow.

With your own hosting, 1st is your get your own branding. Like Of course, if get to load in a lot of photos, depending on the space you have.


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Sep 22, 2004
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local laws where the server resides applies as well.
the problem with having your own webiste is the management and administration of it. I have a couple of sites and the constant flow of spam you attract is horrendous but it's interesting to find ways to deal with it. you get to customise and showcase your own style, everything is under your control. :D

of course having a good and fast connection from server to net is important, for local servers using the temasek connection is fantastic.

To say uploading is easy/hard all depends on how you configure your software and the reliability of your webhost. For me, my webhost helpdesk helped me configure picasa such that all i need to do is right click and it uploads to my webspace automatically. can't get any easier than that. :D

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