is this a messed up hair?

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Aug 27, 2003
On the issue of whether "messed up" hair is popular, i looked thru some local mainstream magazines and was very surprised that it was indeed quite common, probably about 30% - 35% (my estimate). I am quite sure that most of the "messed up" hair images were intentional and managed.

When I look thru "The David Gan Story", yes, quite a few of them have the messy hair images but the model's hair styles were actually the "messy hair styles".

Then i noticed one particular image of a beautiful model with an immaculate and beautiful haircut.... surprisingly there is a "strong" mass of hair which cut thru the beautiful right eye and touching the lip and end at the chin!

.......... David Gan selected this image ... why? The hair style was superneat.... I am sure David or the pro photographer must have noticed that "out of place" hair, but why did the team select this image? Will a perfectly "psed" copy of that image be a better choice?

I can only conclude that though we have to be careful with messy hair, but damned it, sometimes it does add to the character of the photograph with a little messed up!


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Jan 9, 2006
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noob here... actually with that mass of hair the whole picture looks more natural and lively to me, whereas if the hair is superneat, the model will look like the "plastic model" people use as display

my 2c

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