Is there sand on my sensor? or just dust?

Oct 30, 2010
Hi guys, recently i went to a beach to shoot timelapse and then carelessly changed the lens in the midst of strong wind at the beach without much protection for the camera and lens. That's when i spotted dust spots when i was viewing the pictures. Attached is the picture of the dust spots on my sensor at around f22. I used a blower and it got slightly better. I was preparing to clean the sensor by myself but i fear if there are any sand on the sensor which could potentially scratch the glass when i clean it using swabs. Is there any way to differentiate sand and dust particle just by looking at the picture below? If there is sand on it then i might have no choice but to send it to the service centre.

Thank You.

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Sep 27, 2004
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You can use a magnifier with a torch light to look at the sensor.
anyway, if you want to have some peace of mind, just send your camera to get professional cleaning.

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