Is there a way to make photo biz section really photo biz?


Jun 2, 2009
Is it possible to make access to this section of forum possible via application only?

So that it's more industry based and addressed to and by the right audience who are really interested in the success of such business?

When it's mixed with consumers, third party people hiring trying inexperienced photogrs, it's a mess.


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Nov 27, 2010
Kind of agree... Too many comments.
Or section for those already in photo biz and those that want to get into the biz to know more etc?


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Sep 27, 2004
Punggol, Singapore
I have thought of this long ago, but when it is a closed forum, the traffic will diminish and in the end will not serve it suppose to be.

so I guess we should not just only focus on helping photographers who seeking guidance here but also educate others at the same time.

and when more in depth discussions needed, we should direct them to somebody can mentor them or seek help from trade associations.



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Jul 9, 2008
IMHO, I think a normal hobby person will not care about the photo biz nor will care about professionals learning to get better in business. Everytime a topic gets started about how to improve income and rates or how to grow the business, a few members, usually not regular nor participated here earlier before, will suddenly appear to debate the thread in the opposite direction, at first I did not suspect anything, but when it happens consistently, I am wondering if these people are the ones who are the hirer and would prefer good photographers to stay cheap and controllable. And you can see their crossbows are aimed at people like Hart and Catchlights and a few others who regularly promotes the photo biz education.

Also sometimes questions like how to price a shoot, I am reluctant how to share publicly how I price to make profits, how to negotiate to cover my 'what ifs', etc, because I don't want any tom dick or harry to read all these though I may not mind sharing with with industry partners coz to make certain good practices an industry standard which in the long run will benefit us all.

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Mar 24, 2003
We're working on professional photographer accreditation and perhaps proper licensing. It's a long term plan but it's the only thing that'll make a difference.
Right now there are too many people in the grey area who call themselves professionals but are not really there. They do not have a proper business plan, does not do taxes, does not have insurance coverage.. etc.
The only way now is for real working pros to join professional associations and share knowledge there, separated from the noise that misinformed consumers and wannabes create as 'opinions' and 'advice'.