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Is Singapore running out of places for landscape shooting?

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Aug 25, 2006
oh yeah, call the police now. Somebody's a cry baby... *sigh... why such people here....* Can never learn to accept differences.... Ok get back at me all you want.

*peace to you*
do note that while i had made statements on your arguments, i never attacked your personage.

you need to gain a bit more maturity before you flounce around the internet. there is a difference between saying that someone is a "dimwit" and pointing out that his ideas are "dimwitted".

Sep 17, 2008
Yes, I see your point. To, me there are no right or wrong answers. This kind of topic can be argued to death without much conclusion. Like asking which brand of camera is best. I think at the very best, we can only say it's a difference of opinions.

Just as you mentioned some like singapore after staying here for long, I've also come across my fair share of expatriate colleagues who say they don't like singapore because either of the weather and most commonly, it's too "wholesome" and does not have any "rustic charm". Everything looks too perfect and regulated. All of them have since left singapore to either go back to their countries or work elsewhere. In fact many of them came here cos it's a good base to see the other more interesting parts of SE asia like thailand, cambodia, etc.

I'm not saying singapore has no good places to photograph. But after a while, yeah, TO ME (my opinion), it's boring. Not cos you can't find different angles to shoot from, but it's the same old subject. The chances of you getting better lighting, fantastic skies is a lot higher in temperate countries than Singapore. Of cos there are days where the place looks terrible but not for long. But cos the places are so big, you feel uninhabited. Like I said, if you feel singapore is a joy to shoot, if there are 10 different angles you can take on the MBS or buildings for eg, then there are 1000 or more different angles and subjects you can shoot overseas!

The disadvantage with singapore is its equatorial location, and its tiny size. There is nothing we can change about that.

Ok, just how i feel. One man's meat is another man's poison...
u do realise that the guy behind the camera is the one that picks the composition right? singapore is boring?

look at how kit changes our HDB blocks into something amazing. see how nightmare makes punggol beach looks like a dream. its a matter of effort rather than saying "oh singapore nothing to shoot". its a matter of shifting perspective. u go anywhere the same.

u know nightmare can even go into the mud, waterlvl up to his knees, just to get that shot of reservoir/sea ? you have to accept the fact that its the photographer who gets the shots amazing, not the location. how they compose, how they wait for the composition.

a personal example: i'm waiting for a blue sky in chinese garden for a very long time. even the IR outing we go, sky wasnt too clear. and i still am waiting.


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Dec 18, 2003
really MORE diaper changes
sigh... must be the school holidays.

rather than complain and bitch, why don't all of you just go and shoot something, and not just talk? :rolleyes:

"You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus." - mark twain. enough said.

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