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is it true that photos look sharper on a mac...

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OMG the amount of misinformation in this thread is obscene.

No offence bro, but most PCs these days connect to LCDs via DVI too. And secondly, the graphics chips on Macs are far inferior to the high end 8800 series from Nvidia from PCs.

I think some of you need to have a look at pictures on a Dell Ultrasharp 24" connected to a dual core Wintel machine then see if you still think that images look better on a mac :think:
Though I may not be a geek but I cannot see how the NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500 on my mac is "inferior" to the 8800 series chips. I work on 2 monitors, the Apple 30" display and the Lacie 526 which can display colours in 16bits (if I am not wrong, the dell 24" can only display in 8 bits). I also callibrate it using a colorimeter and it can display, according to the specs, 95% of aRGB. Please eloborate how these high end 8800 series graphics cards with Dells can improve my displays.

maybe something more constructive by knowledgeable CS-ers like which mac screens and which PC LCD screens are better for editing or proofing of images?

go figure..
Generally, if you do not want to stress about what parts to get and you just want a computer to work right out of the box, get a mac. For more precise colours, also get a monitor callibrator.


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Nov 18, 2005
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But if you're looking at fonts. Macs display fonts better, definitely. I've done screen shot comparison for fonts. One's Windows and the other Mac. Both on Firefox

Image-wise, I think it's pretty hard to tell the difference. Maybe I'll do some screenshot comparison and post up later.

One very big problem when working with mac is that your photos will look like crap to the majority.

Please elaborate further. Perhaps there was something wrong with your workflow? Did you double profile when you print? (I assume you did your own printing since you specifically said "photos"). It would be great if you can descrine your workflow to determine if it was an operator error.

If someone's photos looks like crap in the first place, it does not matter whetheer it was process on a mac or a pc.


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Dec 23, 2006
agreed. Maybe it is the type of file format he used and the monitor whether it is calibrated correctly.

huh? got such things? please elaborate or give examples.

thanks, interested to know.
Hmmm... don't think he is going to defend his statement. Have been waiting for days to hear his answers. I am a little surprised and shocked to hear such uneducated comment from someone who actually takes pictures for a living.

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