Is it Photoshopped? Creative Crew free seminar in Woodlands

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Is this "Photoshopped"?
Learn how to spot the most common mistakes
Last week both Obama and Osama were on the paper for Photoshop reason. Both birth and dead were linked by the most popular Adobe software. Is it real? Is it a fake? Who knows?
Well none knows, but if you want to learn how to do a better job than the graphic designer at the CIA, don't miss next Creative Crew's meeting.

As we have seen last month, photo montage is always an addition to the original picture, even when the goal is to "subtract". Learn with Stefano Virgilli how to easily detect the tracks left behind by inaccurate Photoshoppers.

We will talk about Proportions, Angle, Sharpness, Light, Shadows, Adjustments, Colour and all the other give-aways of a photoshopped picture.

Set up and manage your very own website in 7 minutes
Surprisingly, out of the nearly 80 participants who attended Creative Crew's meeting in April, only one managed a very own website. At the end of the meeting, many guests required a dedicated session. Here it is.

Stefano Virgilli is a Joomla professional user who has worked on over 70 websites. He will show you how to set up your website:
  • for free
  • in 7 minutes
  • with our Dreamweaver of HTML knowledge
Sounds exciting? Do not miss this talk. It will change your web perspective forever.
Also, take a tour of the most impressive Joomla templates and extensions.

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