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Dec 10, 2004
I would like to know if flash will be needed if photographing cars at a car show, as there is lots of spotlights and i understand that the light will bounce off the car giving lots of reflection. I will be using the canon 420ex speedlite with a omibounce which i hope will help. If there is anyone willing to give some tips will be appreciated. :bigeyes:

Also i like to know if inside an arena where everywhere is pitchblack except for some lights how is it possible to get the best pictures as lighting will be quite bad, only some spotlights as the cars will be racing around. By the way i'm using a SLR to take pictures as well.



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Feb 15, 2003
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for qn 1, u have to understand angle of incidence, at certain angle, your reflection or the flash reflection may show on the vehicle, even with bounce or watever, so u need to change your angle instead of trying to change the camera setting. just walk around the whole car to take different angle... even need to try tiptoe, stand straight, kneel down, prone on the floor...

for qn 2, if its a night event, try to focus the spot that the spotlight is most prominent, it will serve as your flash... den set manual, your fastest aperture of the lens, den do a few shots (if using DSLR) of the lighting with certain shutter thats fast enough to capture the moving car without blurring... unless you are very near to the subject, its almost impossible to 'flash' a moving object at a fast speed... but even so... dun think any external flash or internal flash on camera can achieve a fast sync... even studio strobes...

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