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Is DigitalRev.com still a good option?

Sep 24, 2018
Googled around for opinions about DigitalRev but most of the replies are dated like 6 years ago. Curious to know if anyone had recently bought stuff from digitalrev and had good/bad experiences? Also their web checkout page shows that there are no Import Tax/Duty to pay, but I'm not sure if GST will be billed separately?

Prices like these look super tempting. Too good to be true?


Staff member
Jan 3, 2008
Pasir Ris
First of all, and what makes the price difference, they offer so-called grey sets, not local sets. That means they import the items on their own, not via official channels. Canon, Nikon or any other vendor will not accept any warranty claims for these items. You will always have to go back to Digitalrev.com and deal with them for warranty claims.
Read up about the warranty they offer:
This is different from the warranty you get from the official shops in SG (e.g. Canon: 15 months with online registration).
Secondly, after warranty period the official service centers of the manufacturers still might reject the items for servicing.

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