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Is digital makes beginner poorer in knowledge?

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Mar 18, 2002
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Originally posted by rainyboy
I guess you are right, but there should be more encouragement for pple who want to pick up this beautiful hobby. Perhaps you feel insulted at the way pple use cameras nowadays, without precision that is, but we are all learning arent we. Cool it, if there werent digital cameras, i wouldnt be able to afford picking up film photography and thus I wouldnt be able toenjoy the satisfaction it gives. Cheers, I love my G2.
Cool...Just like me. if it wasm't a pick up from digital camera...hah I wouldn't be so interested. Probably just take pics if there's anything special on the 35mm.. love my 707 but prefer a DSLR.. hehe


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Apr 25, 2002
actually i think the argument is not just restricted to digital cams. i think technolgy advances in general makes people lazy to learn proper photog techniques. e.g. many of the film-based SLR also boast assistive features like the various picture modes. no need to learn about aperture, DOF, etc. just turn the dial and shoot. digital cams just made the whole medium a lot cheaper in terms of developing and materials.

but i heartily agree with many clubsnappers here that what's impt is getting the interest started in the first place. after all i believe no one here started off on the photog path with a pro SLR and full range of accessories and lens. most start off with a P&S cam, and slowly graduate into a better SLR and techniques.

photog is like computers. you can buy a branded top of the range Dell system off the shelf and never know what goes on inside the CPU, or you can develop interest and decide to build your own power machine from Sim Lim. either ways, it's each to his own. who's to say what's good or what's bad?

as long as the pictures turn out to your satisfaction, who's going to complain? :)

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