is a brand new hoya NDx4 filter at $18 ok?

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Jul 18, 2003
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went down to peninsula plaza just now to buy some stuff from eastgear. who would have figured they would have closed the WHOLE shop to participate in the PC Show.. :)

anyway.. was walking around the 2nd floor and entered this shop which is directly in front of the ascending escalator (also on the 2nd floor).. can't remember the name.. K-13 or something like that.

anyway.. went in and asked for the price of 4 pcs of 2300mAh Sanyo batts. he quoted me $16 which is the same as what eastgear sells. so i thought it was pretty ok. then looked at some lenses and bought a hoya NDx4 at $18 (original quote at $20). and an olympus camera bag (small type) at $7. is that ok?

he also had some hoya circular polarizers at $40 (brand new in box) and $26 oem in plastic..

are the prices ok? didn't really scout sls for prices...

thanks. :)

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