IR photography modifying your digicam.

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Apr 8, 2003
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I recently tried to modify my Olympus camedia 3040 into an IR camera by removing the IR-blocking filter inside the camera. I have a bit of an advantage in that I have a destroyed 3040 to open to have a peep around inside and see which screws to unscrew and have a practice at reassembling it before trying on an actual working 3040. I was able to open the camera and remove the IR-blocking filter and re-assemble the camera again.
However, all the photos are out of focus.

I wanted to get an opinion on whether anyone has successfully modified their digicam (preferably an olympus) so that you can get IR photos?

I went to which described some things on it, but after you've removed the IR-blocking filter, you need to replace it with a similarly shaped piece of glass. I believe that is because the IR filter will bend the light onto the appropriate place on the CCD behind it, and when I take it out, all my photos turn out blur. I will also have to put a IR-passing filter which filters out the visible spectrum if I want to be able to see only the IR spectrum.

So, the question is where can I get a small piece of glass the exact same dimesions as the IR-blocking filter to replace it? Anybody come up with a solution to this?


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What is the require glass size - Round or square?( Dimension and thickness)


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Jan 18, 2002
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If the camera auto focuses using the CCD readout, then it should automatically compensate for the missing glass. Seems ike your camera uses some ohter AF detection other than the CCD output.

Replacing the hot mirroe with a normal piece of glass is to ensure the light path remains the same.

The glass does not need to block visible light, otherwise you can only use it for IR photography after the modification.

For blocking visible light an external filter can be used. Don't remember the number already...


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Nov 14, 2002
I wonder is it can be the IR filter can be swapped for a partial IR pass filter... then passive contrast focus shouldn't have any prob with added IR contrast to assist.... juz flames pls.

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