IR for Compact Cam


New Member
Jul 12, 2010
Hi all, wondering whether is it possible to convert a compact cam for IR photography. In mind cam are Canon GX1 or Sigma Dp 1/2 M.

conversion of compact cameras/fixed lens camera from what i know is easier than converting interchangeable lens cameras be it mirrorless or dslr.

i have seen a few DIY conversion of compact panasonic models via Youtube wherein they just simply remove the IR blocking filter/hot mirror from the front of the sensor without replacing it with a clear glass of the same thickness and still be able to focus to infinity. the only limitation of most compact cameras is majority dont have support for RAW so post processing can only be done on an original JPEG image.

right now there are a lot of those old model compacts that are dirt cheap on the used market and DIYing some of them for practice would be ideal. there are also a lot of online DIY guides which would help you in cnverting almost any type of camera.