LR Tips Introducing the New Adobe Spark


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Sep 27, 2006
The power of video marketing is becoming very apparent, and creatives have more options than ever when it comes to embracing online video. Adobe Post, a tool I previously reviewed, has evolved into Adobe Spark. By combining the best aspects of Adobe Post, Voices, and Slate, Adobe has built a powerful tool that removes many of the barriers for online content creation. Spark now enables you to create simple videos without learning complicated editing techniques or put your face on camera if you don’t want to. This has some interesting implications where social media is concerned. The far majority of social media platforms have embraced video in one form or another. Adobe Spark now means you can take advantage of this using the skills you already have as a designer and storyteller, without having to become a filmmaker or animator. The tools and workflow are simple and straightforward enough for anyone to use, whether you are a creative pro or just an enthusiast. By utilizing the features retained from Adobe Post, you can create images for any social media platform, such as Twitter, Instagram, or even a YouTube thumbnail, fairly easily. You can use your own assets or templates Spark [...]
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