International Online Digital Photo Competition

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Feb 5, 2007
1st International Online Digital Photo Competition under the auspices of FIAP.

We would like to announce the above described event and set out a few points:

For more information you can visit the competition’s website accessible through

The competition is open to amateur and professional photographers, worldwide.
Subjects (Categories):*** 1. ‘The Environment’,**** 2. ‘Open’
Each photographer can participate in one or both categories with up to three images for each category, here in after called Works.
The Works must be in digital format and can be entered into the Competition by registering online through the registration form which can be found in the competition website accessible through
Works entered in the competition must be still photographs (not animated), regardless of the techniques used.
The winning Works and order of popularity will be decided by the public for the 50 most popular works in each category and the top three of each category in order of merit will be decided upon by a panel of Judges.
The Panel of Judges will comprise:
1.One member of FIAP Directory Board
2.One representative of*
3.Two persons appointed by CPS
4.One person from a member – country of FIAP
The Sponsors *
Cultural Services, Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus
Cyprus Tourism Organisation

The Cyprus Photographic Society
Velvetclassic Radio and Media Co. Ltd
Anicipate web developments


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