interesting korean E300 review

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Jan 7, 2005
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The photos taken by the reviewer are great.


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May 21, 2002
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Olympus Digital E-300 Full Review By S.Riel

It enters,

How are you. The S.Riel is. ^

One sun which will come was to I and the truth 1 years which are eventful he was. Even in digital camera piece
Is not the exception and tus it does. The technique which develops day after day brings the price depreciation of former times emphysema,
The new product which it arms with superior function is come into the market every day.

The Pentax *ist it remembers with the fact that grass review D former last year tightly this Mam time about. Already 1 years
The hour when is flowed to feel.. Does the truth ' time act ppa lu..' Also the thought which it does holds, always
It is like that but the joyful first person thing it is same newly issue product review.

Before Ul E enthusiastically supply elder brother DSLR of 8000000 pixel classes put into the market from the Olympus.

In former times me the Canon 300D, when *ist D the Pentax review like, supply elder brother DSLR total
It drives the new wind and as emphysema which will come is judged 'Full in Review' type like this to prepare, it became.

The review which it sees does not know 1 week degree during brief time it is a writing which was prepared, some Ji whose piece which is insufficient will be many
The point understanding entrusting it gives.. It gives a help to this time review drawing up and it raises and phwu su those minutes of Yoo who the club is many
It gives a deep appreciation in care.

khen Seb of review is hard and the reel it grows khel the double meaning sample whose is more one grass review than syas to show,
It checks the application degree of the E-300 it caught the piece with the colorful writing. In complete change ' the first class Oh! every '
The review comes up it is with him the introduction against the machinery and tools which is duplicated, test syas the maximum duplication
It avoided.

The review progress will omit the ' title of honor ' at bias.


The E-300 the reed & the introduction which is simple

The E-300 the 4th DSLR interest gun come into the market from the Olympus to be bitter tu is the 2nd product of system. Former workth person
Considerable portion to improve the function countenance of the E-1, come into the market price sharp daytime loach current supply elder brother D car Yoo they
It will absorb water ' it is a strategy marketing ' product.

Like this come into the market tendency khay discussion of existing 300D, ni it came to seem even from the D70 of the cone but that as currently
The digital camera ties the son to be many.. Also like that Yoo they middle depth is high it photographs and
High-class Yoo they whom it gives is many that it originates to a fact, a possibility of seeing is.

It raises and phwu su currently as the E system the gun which it soaks tu is staring at a DSLR market bitterly with the system.

The gun the introduction or feature back tu against bitterly water service without becomes the search at web the writer consume against him
Referring or opinion it is a thought which will not load. khen Seb of this review 'E-300 application ' because of convenience technical
The explanation excludes.

If review progress from hazard the gun bitterly tu referring which is simple against a system flaw..

It raises and phwu su the gun tu it uses it becomes, the whole aspect mount product bitterly and indication anger Cabinet conference 2x with the actual change anger Jr sergeant
It probably is only a thing degree which comes out, when it is done and tus it does. The D70 or 300D with existing which is same khu it compares in Rob reed,
The CCD if (CMOS) size small noise or depth expression from some disadvantage but that much price
There is a possibility of lowering and indigenous with technical power it shows a superior point from gradation expression and circumference vice- line example degree.

The E-300 the such gun to be bitter tu is the 2nd DSLR of system. It compares to the E-1 of existing, ' square damp-proof ' function
To be excepted.. There is to the outside remaining portion and there is a possibility of saying that the foundation is identical. It is a patent, ' the dust hair '
Function it is loading as well and it is caused by with him, ' the lens exchange hour dust it flows ' regarding the thing sense of insecurity
It becomes well known plentifully and the possibility of throwing away in order to be.

The E-300 is 8000000 pixel class D chis. The easy 3000000 pixels which to pixel are not personally sensitively
Degree does not woo and not to be 8000000 pixels of the place E-300 where it is a side which it writes at formation print hour with big strong point
It is embossed. JPEG the photographing hour image khes the sugar dosage as will reach to approximately 4-6 mega with the SHQ the old painting smallness
The feature appears.

Also 3:2 sizes know convenience because of 4:3 existing the different DSLR and size of the image
It keeps a more or less different feature.

The appearance of the E-300 raises and existing phwu su with features of the supply elder brother D car it is not different a lot. It is like that and if only appearance it sees,
The supply elder brother D Kara DSLR answer it falls at the degree which will be the water service which it will misunderstand. That much the reed size decease
Lightweight anger it became it means the thing. The writer used actually in former times khay discussion 1D or the kindness film
When the S1pro back and it compares considerably it is small. (Pen Tag su *ist the D, *ist as emphysema of DS degree or it is small.)

The size falls is small the thing it carries, is good has a strong point with grip feeling simultaneously anyway
It is had a consideration and. The E-300 reed size is small from like that point in spite of grip feeling
From quite okay easy U it was unexpected. It is not by an impression which ~ is rolled tightly in the hand grip feeling, that it is good,
It will be able to express.

The E-300 with the E-1 "the dust hair" is equipping a function together. It could flow at lens exchange hour
It is liberated from the dusts and the possibility the petty compared to side of doing photo shoot in order to be. Like this function actualness
In Yoo they who is sensitive with the extreme illusion the place where there is a possibility of receiving the possibility as the charm function doing anyhow very
It is. When it lights all the member and the period of short time is operated function quite.

The E-300 the mode which the typical D car shows and ssin is having a mode. Specially ssin case of mode
The writer the while to be bitter all D car middle most showed system and feature features. In each scene mode
The egg the optimum set which hits was together neatly and tidily arranged with the explanation. The rudiments it sleeps but it hits to each situation easily
The possibility of photographing it did to be there is a possibility of decreasing a good score from point.

The LCD of 1.8 inches photographing hour shows many information. It compares in existing and E-1 the substitution which is not the external indication window
The INFO pe it shook off it presses to follow and pyu it is a green onion at photographing hour and compared to indicate information with also the LCD window on the outside.

The review screen is quick considerably and it showed information which is abundant. The writer tried to use personally
Canon EOS 1D, 10D, 300D and S1pro of kindness film, ni D100, pen Tag of cone su *ist with D
It raised and phwu su existing workth person E-20n etc. all emphysema middle it showed a most quick review speed.
It compares to the E-1 and progress of the technical power which develops day after day with the features where has become the head of a family development vivid
The portion which it shows comes to think.

The E-300 supports the Korean alphabet menu and the menu system some is a feeling which is inconvenient. Writer
It compares in the others emphysema which lwu U it sees all the menu composition listens to intuition intelligence the impression which it cannot, personal
It was an inconvenient portion. But the multi branch detail set to be becoming quite colorfully, function
If if the bay it questions and that it is insufficient it is not, it comes to seem.


Mar 14, 2004
tao said:
The photos taken by the reviewer are great.
I thought so too. The lady was beautiful :) I think the review is more on the lens. I really like the shots taken by the 14-54 lens. not too shabby for a "kit" lens.


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Jan 7, 2005
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wind30 said:
I thought so too. The lady was beautiful :) I think the review is more on the lens. I really like the shots taken by the 14-54 lens. not too shabby for a "kit" lens.
Yep... me like the shots using the 11-22mm and 50mm Zuikos too... all the 'mid-range' Zuikos really show their outstanding 3-dimensional quality in the images.

drats... kenna buyrus liao. :bsmilie:


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Oct 20, 2003
the korean girl is really very sweet. ;)

notice how easily it is to get a beautiful bokeh despite many skeptical discussion on the 2x sharper/deeper DOF? yep, theory is one thing (eg, DOF calculator), hands on practical & experience is another. :sweatsm:

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