InsideOut II: Photographs by Migrant Workers in Singapore 2009

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Jun 14, 2002
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Hi all,

Received this email, and I thought it would be good to provide some publicity on this event:

InsideOut was organized in 2006, and InsideOut II will be a joint collaborative effort between Migrant Voices and Objectifs.

See here for the 2006 effort:

A quote from the email I received:

For InsideOut II, a collaboration between Migrant Voices and Objectifs

No child dreams of becoming a maid or a construction worker. But driven by poverty and a lack of opportunities, waves of Asians take on such work every year. In Singapore, migrant workers build our infrastructure, clean our homes and help raise our children. But we know little of their stories and the dreams that inspire them.
InsideOut is a project that aims to allow the audience to see Singapore through the eyes of migrant workers to foster mutual understanding. Photographers will guide migrant worker participants on using photography to document their daily lives. The final works will be shown during Month of Photography Asia '09.

As this project is a non profit effort, we need your help with the donation of digital cameras, which will be used by the migrant worker participants.

1. We accept old models (2 megapixel and above) but please ensure that your cameras are still working!
2. Please donate only cameras that use Lithium Ion (Li-on) batteries together with the AC charger/adaptor.
3. We can't accept cameras that use lithium batteries (e.g. disposable AA batts) as they'll be hard to maintain.
4. Camera manuals, extra Li-on batteries and accompanying storage cards are appreciated!
5. Camera donors will be acknowledged at the MOP Asia exhibition.
6. Please donate cameras to Objectifs by Feb 21.

InsideOut II is an ongoing effort, initiated originally by a group of local photojournalists for the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival in 2006.

For more information, call Objectifs at 6339 3068, or email Thank you!

Objectifs - Centre for Photography & Filmmaking
12A Liang Seah Street
Singapore 189033 /
T: +65 6339 3068
F: + 65 6339 6930

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