Infrared Shot With C5050z!!!

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Hi everyone, I own a C5050Z for about 2 years. Experimenting with it everyday, and today I found out that it can actually shoot INFRARED!

This location is in Australia. The filter I used are non-conventional R72/R90. Its actually some HOME-MADE items...

"Inspired by Andi, friend of Dennis Kee..."


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Jul 6, 2004
Hi, Nice photo:thumbsup: , I like the colour alot. I just got 2nd hand 5050z too and have tried shooting through my Hoya R72 filter but all I got is black and white IR images, check in Photoshop, the colours value is very little, even with full increment of saturation, I only get a slight hint of colour. I tried channel swap, no diff :dunno:

Care to share how you get to your masterpiece? :embrass:


Yeah sure... You know your Hoya round container? You just preset your WB with Orange, the "Dennis Kee" method or either cup your lens with the container and WB towards the bright sky. Next use the round container to cover your lens and shoot with long exposure. 1" and beyond.

Happy Experimenting...

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