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'Influencer' ganna told off big time when she asked for free shoot.


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Dec 31, 2004
We can go on and on calling names and blaming on whatever is out there.

If you have done that before, suck it up and take it as an experience in life and move on.

What you choose to do after the bad experience usually define you in long term.

You always ask questions on how the pictures being used, what they want to achieve, etc... then decide if there is anything at the end come out of it. If you are amateur, if you use it to learn, a free model so to speak, I would think this is ok. But make sure you learn something out of it rather than just "taking photos".

For pro, well, if you are doing well and doing it the shoot for fun, it's fun and who cares about the rest. But if you are struggling in your business, rather than spending time to do free shoots and "hope" that you get a referral out of it... then think about it, what can you do with that time for long term learning.

I like a quote I saw recently and agree totally... "If you are born poor, it is not your fault but if you are dead and still poor, it is 100% your fault"... take it positively, it simply means, you haven't work hard enough to achieve what you want in life, worst still you don't even know what you want in life.




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Jul 18, 2016
The safest option before even committing to a photoshoot is to ensure your client pays you a deposit first before commencing on the photoshoot.

I had a friend who was called by a local company "Universal Traveller" for some apparel photoshoot, where they promised him that there would be more shoots and they would pay him after all the shoots.

However, after the first shoot, they said quality not good, when I looked through my friend's photos, they are all more meet my expectations in terms of details, lighting, colors and overall quality for an APS-C camera.

My friend was using a Canon Eos 7D with the EF40 mm STM lens, and I myself use both the Canon Eos 7D as well as a Canon Eos 1D mark 4, and I say that the 7D's quality is darn good for an APS-C camera of that age and when coupled with a recent model of prime lens such as the EF 40mm STM.

Anyway, the moral of the story is to demand a deposit before the photoshoot, and unless the customer is willing to pay you a deposit, you should not go for the photoshoot, because promises can be broken.

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