indoor macro setup

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Hi all,

Me again... trying to make full use of the gurus in the forum...

i like to take macros, be it nature wise or miniature objects... thus i have bought a Sigma 105mm macro lens which i think can go to 1:4 if i am not wrong.

but so far results of outdoor are not so satisfactory at all... but good thing... i just got to learn from the forum that i need to set aperture to at least f/16 in order for the photos to be sharp throughout... and using a tripod would help...

anyway... back to the subject...

i have seen an earlier posting about a macro tabletop setup that takes very professional watch pictures... can someone gives more information as to how i can setup something similiar? what type of lights to use? placement of the lights? special techniques?

or maybe even direct me to someplace where i can learn something like that...

thanks in advance...

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