Incident shooting @ F1 Pit Stop


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Dec 5, 2004
A similar incident happened yesterday also (Sun) while I was shooting at the F1 pit stop area.

There were 3 cars (one open top Merz and two white Porsche) around 4pm driving up and down the pit lane and the open top Merz was doing the photography.

But after a few drives up and down the pit lanes, on one of the drives they speed down almost the entire pit lane towards Singapore Flyer direction and stopped there for a long time. Which eventually triggered the security guards to come out. (Sorry, I am not a driver, but if their engine roar could be heard by the security guards behind the pit lane, you could imagine the speed)

While the 3 cars all parked down at the end of the road, one of the security guard approached me and thought I was their photographer (which I wasn't). He was friendly and requested to take a look on what I am shooting just to verify I am not their shooter, and mentioned that the pit area suppose to be out of bound for cars. But they usually close one eye since they know car lovers would like to shoot their cars there. But "racing" or speeding down the road is a "NO" as there are many tourist and joggers around the area.

After a while, 2 of cars the cars decided to shoot again and was stopped by the security guards since they were "suspected" racing along the pit lane area. The guy on the open Merz mentioned they were always shooting around there and is alright for them to shoot around. But after some talk, they left. Follow by the 3rd car after a while.

To me, I personally feels sport cars owner would love to shoot their cars in front of the Pit stop, which I have nothing against of. In fact the security guards are quite relax about drivers shooting there. But if you are trying to take shoots in your car driving high speed or speed down the lane, please find another place. Especially with the random of visitors popping up here and there (since many people love to take their shoot at the pole position laying down) and kids running around.

I would love to keep this area open for anyone who want to take some shoots or just to get a bit up close to the pit stops. So car owners, if you are shooting there, please drive slowly and take extra cautions of your surroundings. If you were asked to leave, please don't argue with the security guards, they are just doing their jobs.

In fact, the construction vehicles drives so slow that even a cyclist can easily overtake them. They practice better safety measures than the shooters that day.


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Aug 17, 2009
Security must have told them the key is shutter speed, and not car speed. So the drivers left feeling ashamed of themselves

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