Inaugural K1 finale next month!!!

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Jun 4, 2005
30,000 people expected to attend inaugural K1 finale next month
By Hiroshi Limmell, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 26 June 2008 1835 hrs

SINGAPORE: 30,000 people will get to visit the new F1 pit building at next month's K1 finale.

The K1 finale is a culmination of activities, organised by the Singapore Motor Sports Association and C S Racing, to rev up support for the inaugural F1 race in September.

A 400-metre go-karting circuit will be built over a segment of the F1 race track.

Justin Koh, events and marketing director of C S Racing, said: "This being an F1 pit building, which is supposed to be reserved for F1 races, (we) have to go through a lot of authorities (to make it possible), and we're glad to have STB (Singapore Tourism Board) to support and push this."

The K1 finale will be held beside the Singapore Flyer at the F1 pit building on July 26 and 27. The event will also feature motor sport clinics and a pit crew relay challenge.

This is part of a national effort to get the public interested in the sport and groom a future generation of Singaporean race car drivers.

Senior Parliamentary Secretary Teo Ser Luck said: "We hope to be able to groom them... like we groom sportsmen from other sports, so we have actually increased the funding for the association by almost fivefold."

Participants at the event will not only get to watch demonstrations by professionals, they may also get the chance to ride in a drift car. - CNA/ac

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