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Jan 16, 2002

Once upon a time, there lived a silly man named Zhang San who one day inherited three-hundred Liangs (1 Liang is equal to 50 grams ) silver from his uncle.

This large property left him in a tremulous state between joy and worry. On the one hand, he was excited about getting rid of poverty, yet on the other hand, he was extremely worried about the security of his money. He tried to hide those silver under his bed, in the cupboard, and any other places which he thought might be safe, but every time, after hiding the silver, he soon became paranoid that someone would find and steal them.

Finally, he worked out a "smart" idea: he buried his money deeply in the back yard, moreover to ease his mind, he erected a board right where he buried the silver, which read: " There are no three-hundred Liangs silver here. " Then he went to sleep with great contentment.

However, he did not know that his movements were observed by his neighbor, Wang Er, who took all the silver at midnight.

Wang Er was also a smart aleck. In order to clear his own suspicion, he added a note on the back side of the board, which read: " Wang Er, the next door neighbor, did not steal the money."

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Reminds me of a certain incident...

"Orange Land", a small but highly developed nation, was conducting overseas exercises with a certain western armed forces hereinafter known as "Force X". In the midst of a exercise, a critical piece of Controlled Equipment (CE) was found missing and a thorough search was conducted. The critical piece of Controlled Equipment (CE) was subsequently found deliberately hidden in a undisclosed location and a note written in coarse mandarin was left behind for the possible culprit. Days later, a group of monolingual (English native-speaking) military personnel from "Force X" approached military personnel from "Orange Land" seeking for assistance in translating the aforementioned mandarin note and the rest was history. :bsmilie:

Disclaimer: The event depicted above may/may not be fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.

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