In Bloom

Feb 2, 2008

Hi All

I shot this in a resort which had a large-ish pond. Had to use a 200mm, luckily had a monopod with me and I think the sharpness is acceptable.

I composed this to include the lotus and the buds in it's different stages. Non-essential elements were darkened so as to be excluded. Overall, I wanted to depict the whole cycle of life with the lotus at the peak of it's radiant glory.

Please help to critique in the following areas:
1. Does the composition work by including the lotus buds? As in, did it help to reinforce the image and the story?
2. Could the post-processing be done any better?
3. Any other relevant advice would be appreciated?

it appears to me that the flower in hanging in mid air. If I look at it again, it appears that there is some light being emitted by the flower itself.

If i wanna show "bloom" perhaps I would include a bit more of the foreground, to give the impression the flower is really blooming.

Did you photoshop this picture, to darken the part surrounding the flower?
I would perhaps diffuse it to give a more dreamy feel rather than darkening the background.


Jul 5, 2007
The vignetting is too dark, do a gradual darkening yet still can see the back end. Remove the grains make the picture unpleasant.

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