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Nov 23, 2004
BB West
My driving licence going to a year. ;p

I rent from a specific car rental company n I like to remind those who rent car, beware!

Firstly, don't return on time, as if got scratches "REALLY" done by you, you can bring to other workshop for repair else you sure ended up CHOP!

Secondly, if you are confidence that you are not the one who have the car scratched, don't worry, they can't make u pay for it. Ask them for previous record (I learn this the hard way) and if it was there, you are lucky else you pay for it.

Thirdly, don't inspect the car in a dark or clamped place as some scratches not that obvious from an angle. Request them to drive out, inspect n ask, else u lugi.

Fourthly, don't call them if u scratched the car. Try to save it n hope for the best if they missed it.

Fifth, $50 of petrol can let u travel more than 300km for 2 days. A rough guy for u.

After I ever rented a car from Bt Timah area, I give up. Car leaks, old car, no power etc... Price still ard $60 per day. So, I switched n now, consider quite happy with current one. Maybe consider to sign up car sharing program if got need of car more in the future. Or maybe afford a Gti myself. ;p

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