Impromtu JBP Photoshoot (4/5/2003)

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Adam Goi

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Happen to be free tomorrow and would like to spend a day with the birds?

Come to JBP with us! Newbies and regulars are all welcomed!

We are likely to shoot from morning till the early afternoon.

Call me @ 91518640 when you are there! ;)

Apr 29, 2003
Thnkew for introducing me today!!

had a great time...tho i DO wish i had the money to buy a cam like all of urs. (canon better, more userS-friendly :D )

anyway here are the pics for today!! taken with panasonic lumix FZ1 (2 megapixel)

heh...i felt soooo small today..haha...all ur cams like swing can kill people one...


here you go, enjoy! (comments pls..i know a lot of them are not really well taken...but bo pian...lousy camera and man behind camera) :embrass:

:gbounce: Samuel Leong

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