Iceland 15 July till 24th September


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Nov 2, 2010
I will going to Iceland from the 15 July till the 24th September and was hoping I can get some advices from fellow members that have been there before.

I have a few questions regarding the trip:

1)I will be backpacking, travelling alone and will be camping out in the wild(with a tent) to cut cost and was wondering if there are any cost effective ways for me to travel around the country? I was thinking of renting a 4WD for a duration of 2 weeks and spend the rest of the trip hitch-hiking or taking the bus around as I've found out that it can be quite costly to rent a vehicle for the whole duration of the trip.

2) how much does would it roughly cost to pump full tank for petrol? Say a standard sedan or 4WD.

3) Are Credit cards readily accepted? considering the long period of time I will be there, I was thinking of carrying minimal amount of cash and use CC to pay for everything instead.

Photography related:
1) from your experience, which focal length do you most regularly use during your trip to Iceland? Wide? Ultra Wide or Telephotos? I want to minimise the amount of camera gear I am bringing as I will be carrying my camping gears too.

2) I learnt that during the summer, the daylight hours are very long and "golden hour" can quite often last for a long time. In that case, what is the best time to sleep so I can best maximise my day?

3) Can you recommend the places that I die die must go for photography and how much time should I allocate for each region , north,south,east etc..??

Last but not least, any other advice that might help me prepare for this trip would be most appreciated!



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Oct 1, 2007
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Hi, cant remb much about my trip. We got one of the local photographer as a guide. He provided the 2 x 4WD for 8 pax. For lodging, we camped outdoors. We did 3 days farm stay. It was LOVELY!.

1) 4WD is a good way. Especially if most locations are far out. We seen people travel by buses but not on the most scenic route. And buses are about 2 times a day? (That was winter, not sure about summer). Having a car allows you to go wherever you want. Not restricted by time of buses and foot.

2) Sorry, forgot. But shld be the same as SG. Food is expensive. One Hamburger set lunch costs about SGD 25.

3) Yes. Most of the petrol station are 24 hours, especially in the outskirts.

1) Wide, medium and 1 x telephoto. Remb, landscaping is not all about wide angles. Do bring a telephoto for the wildlife. My longest i brought was 105. Damn regret. A fren brought a 300 mm and he got all the best wildlife/ landscape pic.

2) Yes, very long. We slept 3 -4 hrs in the afternoon. The rest of the day is traveling. 10 pm - 3 am is photography time. Remb to bring ND filter and grad filter for landscape.

3) All places are nice.

Have fun!

Iceblocks by the sea by, on Flickr


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Nov 2, 2010
Hi JacePhoto,

thanks for all the advise !! you guys seemed like you have so much fun there on the video, very excited!


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Feb 11, 2007
1) you can try the manual transmission vehicles. They are cheaper somewhat. Generally a higher clearance vehicle is more comfortable on the pothole ridden bumpy smaller F roads. And if u go central Iceland, well.. ( Btw there is only one company that does insurance cover if u ford rivers, and it is quite scary actually, worse if you are alone )

My friend did the ring road up to westfjords with a sedan. So YMMV

2) Cannot remember. You need to check the petrol prices. Less than 3 sgd per litre the last I was there, even in remote pump stations. Unleaded that is.

3) minimal cash is fine. Iceland is credit card savy. Having said that, the larger N1 stations allow foreign credit cards that use more than 4 digit pin. So you can use unmanned N1 stations using sg cards. There are fuel cards that you can buy as well.

The unmanned pink orkan station however cannot be used. ( and irritatingly that's the only station within the car park compound of the airport when you return the vehicle )

I am not sure if things have changed since.

Photography related:
1) depends on your style of shooting. Wides and mediums and slight tele for me. Puffins in westfjords are friendly and approchable enough that an 85mm will suffice. You could accidentally step on them.

2) As of all summers you can probably only look forward to catch the sunset since sunrise is almost unphysiologically sound. Or you could do one or two. Get more sleep when driving please.

3) I wrote a short writeup on my website on Iceland. I might not respond quick, I am touring Scotland at the moment.

- Bring midges head net. They can bite bad, I had bad experiences especially near Lake Myvatn edges. I am still haunted by them and clegs in UK.

- There was heck alot of rain when I was in Iceland. But you have much more days, so I think you will do much better with exposures.

- there are several notorious areas in Iceland where even providers like Vodafone do not have coverage. So please inform someone such as the hotel staff on your visiting the areas, just in case, before you set out.

- Landmannalaugar is extremely beautiful, but to really capture the place you need to tent and hike for days. You could consider if you are reasonably fit. If I am to revisit Iceland again, I would concentrate efforts on central Iceland.


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