"I WANT TO BE A FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER!" A Day in the Life of A Fashion Photographer.

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Nov 1, 2012
Professional Photographers Series in Bangkok, Thailand.

A Day in the Life of A Fashion Photographer.

​Date: 22 or 23 Dec (Choose one)​​
​Time: 10am - 6pm​​
Venue: Design Hotel, Bangkok Sukhumvit ​

Ever wondered what is behind all the glitters and glamours? What does it take to become a fashion photographer?

Why not let Vincent Sung, a veteran in fashion photography, take you through a day...to experience the life of a fashion photographer!

Vincent Sung, a successful photographer based in Bangkok, was born in Korea, brought up in Belgium, and later lived in Paris before moving to Bangkok. He has worked with many international clients, numerous fashion labels and magazines like Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, etc., just to name a few.

Your day will start with some toasts and coffee in a design hotel, where Vincent will meet you and brief you on the day's agenda. You will get an insider's perspective and the first hand news of the opportunities available in the fashion industry. Various topics from finding the right locations for your shoot, to the knicks and knacks of setting up and preparing for your shoots will be discussed.

Next, get to be a fashion photographer yourself and shoot with life models at location. In this hands-on session, you will learn how to set-up the lightings at location and understand the importance of lightings with respect to fashion photography. Vincent will also be showing you some 'tricks' and techniques of photography.

The workshop will then end with a chill-out session where Vincent will provide you with some tips and comments to improve your portfolio and photography skills. Your day as a fashion photographer may have ended here in Bangkok, but we hope this may kick start your career in Fashion Photography!

This is a workshop suitable for anyone interested to know more about fashion photography, or simply wants to experience the 'high life' of a fashion photographer for a day!

What you need to bring to the workshop:

• a DSLR camera
• interest in fashion photography
• open mind
• & some dose of creativity!

All other equipments/materials are provided.

Read more about Vincent:​
Vincent Sung Creative Director & Photographer

S$280 per pax

*1 + 1 Special - $60 OFF per couple.


Email wefused@gmail.com

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