I Love A-Ai Photography Contest

Jan 26, 2011
Hi guys! The Theatre Practice here. :):)

I'm not sure if this (being a company as a user) is allowed, but what we are publicizing here is definitely a photographic event with cameras as prizes. We hope that buy posting this here more people can join in and stand a chance to win Aiptek cameras worth $499 and $599!

P.S.: This is NOT a facebook-like competition.

Full details are here on Omy Singapore's website:


The theme of the competition is someone you LOVE, so please feel free to send in photos of your loved ones! I'm sure this club has many outstanding potential entries.

If you have any further queries, please do reply in this thread!

We sincerely apologize if this is not allowed in this forum. We will understand if this post is removed due to a breach of forum rules.

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