Hypothetical question regarding stock photos

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Aug 20, 2004
Hypothetical question:

A photographer buys pictures from stock agencies and resells them to his clients as part of poster designs. Is that ethical or even legal in the 1st place?

Note hypothetical, so pls dun jumpt to conclusions or ask me who it is

I would qualify it that only in the extended licences offered by the RF microsites.
I believe EL's would only apply to specific circumstances, like mass reproduction. Under normal licensing I believe its allowed, otherwise whats the point? Of course they must be allowed to use the image to sell to clients, in whatever form that may be (advert etc)



Royalty Free does not necessarily mean you can do anything you like with it. The two are separate and different concepts - one of payment, and the other of transfer/licensing of rights

If its RF, then designers (or the photographer who downloaded) can use it in work and sell it to their clients.


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Sep 20, 2006
Poster design is a common use for stock photography, both RM and RF. However, the designer would have to check the T&C of the particular site for the particulars on licensing and allowable usage. Some RF agencies allow use in newspaper ads without having to buy an Extended License whilst others don't. With posters, it would probably depend on how many were to be printed and where they would be used i.e. would the poster also be used as a print ad in a magazine or newspaper. Would the image also be used in a web design? etc...

Do PM me for more info on stock photography if need be.

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