Hyperfocal scale and midtone questions

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Mar 23, 2008
Hi all, I got some questions again...:embrass:
Hyperfocal scale

I use a S5 so I am not sure if there is a hyperfocal scale for it, can I clarify that every lens will come with its own hyperfocal scale?? or do I need to calculate on my own?? if so, then It will lead to another question on circle of confusion?? how do we know the circle of confusion?? (I assume it's the point where light converge to a point b4 diverging onto a plane??) To be frank, I havn't seen a hyperfocal scale b4....:embrass:

I read about its explanation and I feel I need to clarify some things.
if the hyperfocal distance, say for F=8 is 1, it would means that standing one metre away from the object a metre away and i focus on the object, it will result in good focus from the object to infinity?

And if in the same scenario, I stand, say, 1.5 metre away from the object and focus on the object, only the front 1.5 m and the back 1.5 m will be in focus??


I read about midtone and some say it's a matter of learning to recognizing it whereas some say to use a graycard or its equivalent??

Do we meter against the mid tone everytime we snap a photo?

Sorry for asking so many questions:( but I am bothered by it)

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