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PALO ALTO, Calif. -- Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE:HPQ) today announced the HP Photosmart 812 digital camera is available now at retail stores nationwide in US. The camera is first and only on the market to feature breakthrough HP Instant Share technology, which allows users to easily designate how an image will be shared.

No longer burdened with a large file attachment, recipients of an HP Instant Share e-mail message receive thumbnails of images along with a link to the HP Instant Share Web page. By simply clicking on the link, recipients can easily view and access high-resolution photos without having to download any attachments.

"We've seen sustained demand for HP's entire line of digital imaging products including digital cameras, photo printers and scanners," said Chris Chute, research analyst, IDC. "We anticipate consumers will be attracted to HP's newest camera with Instant Share technology because it makes digital photography simple and affordable."

"The recipient's experience is what makes the HP Photosmart 812 digital camera truly unique," said Karl Wardrop, digital imaging product manager, HP Consumer Business Organization. "Unlike other cameras on the market that only focus on the sender, this camera's use of HP Instant Share technology eliminates large photo attachments, making it easier to send and receive digital photos. This new technology will change how people capture, experience and use digital images."

HP Instant Share technology is an Internet-based software application that allows for quick and easy sharing of digital photos with friends and family. It enables users to select up to 14 destinations for any photo; then, by connecting the camera to a computer, the photos are instantly sent to the selected destinations -- e-mail addresses, printers or hpphoto.com.

If the destination is an e-mail address, a low-resolution thumbnail image is sent along with access to the original high-resolution image. If the destination is a printer, then a high-resolution image is automatically sent to it.

The original high-resolution images are stored on HP servers for up to 60 days; each user is allocated 200 MB of storage for this period. This is noted beside the photo or photos in the recipient's e-mail as well. If the recipient forwards the photo to a friend, the 60-day clock is reset.

HP Photosmart 812 Digital Camera Features

The HP Photosmart 812 digital camera produces photo-quality printed enlargements up to 11 x 17 inches with four-megapixel total resolution. The camera also offers 21x total zoom, featuring 3x optical zoom with a Pentax precision lens and 7x digital zoom to deliver sharp, clear results. In addition, consumers can truly capture the essence of a moment -- complete with motion and sound -- using video and audio clips to capture up to a full minute of footage.

Users can connect their cameras to an optional HP Photosmart 8881 digital camera dock to easily send photos to their computers, recharge batteries or view photos on their TVs. They also can connect directly to an HP USB color inkjet printer or HP PSC 950 all-in-one for easy snapshot or portrait printing with precise, stay-true detail -- with no computer required.

To ensure the HP Photosmart 812 digital camera is always ready to capture the moment, optional NiMH rechargeable batteries can be recharged in the camera via the optional A/C adapter or the camera dock. As an added convenience, only two AA batteries are needed to operate the digital camera -- half as many batteries as many competitors' digital cameras require -- giving the camera a slim, on-the-go look.

The estimated U.S. retail price of the HP Photosmart 812 digital camera is $499.(1) It is widely available now from retailers nationwide and directly at http://www.hpshopping.com.

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