How's Canon S80?

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Jan 27, 2002
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I try to avioid asking this type of question... but cant help la.. hehe so sorry for such newbie question.

I am not happy with the HP 607 i am using now, too heavy on the compression and not sharp at all. With years of using PnS, i feel like i am ready for a bit more of manual control camera.

The A620 is good and cheap, but i want something iwth 2.5" screen so my parents can actually see that photos.. and thats why the A620 might not be too suitable. The Olympus SP310 uses Xd.. expensive and S L O W .. so i dont want.

At the end, for a compact and with manual option camera i can think of is canon S80 (also uses SD card which i like, and batt not a real issue as 3rd party ones are cheap)

btw canon A620 review is out in dpreview!! gonna read it now.

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