How to use Adope Premiere Pro (to make video clip)

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Jul 11, 2007
To all seniors, i am newbie here, i would like to make some queries about the Adope Premiere pro when i was using it create a video clips for my photo. Here are my questions:

1) i have took some photos in RAW format, and i have transfered it to JPG format in larger and good quality around 3755 x 2582

2) when i insert the photo into the timeline, what i get in the preview was just a center part of the photo (rough 20% of the photo). The preview can not show the full frame of the photo. can somebody tell me why? is it the picture size too big? But i using other software like studio 8 it have not such problems.

3) i have tried photo with 720 x 480, the preview can show the full frame of the photo. what should i do on the setting in order for me to insert the 3755 x 2582 photo and it can show the full frame of photo in the preview?

Your early reply is much appreciates.

Thank you.


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May 16, 2005
crop the images to the required size for the video... no point putting in an image that is higher resolution than the video as you would not get a better picture quality and Premiere would have to render each frame into the correct resolution when it outputs the final video anyway...

oh... and this thread is in the wrong forum... should be in the video editing forum, not the general forum...

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